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The Easiest Way to Fold Boxes in Boston

How many boxes did you fold by hand today? Like many business owners, you probably spend a lot of your time at work preparing boxes for shipments, displays, or deliveries. But do you know how long it takes you to fold one cardboard box? Imagine if you could reduce your folding workload in half. With Easy Fold, you can.


While you need to have folded boxes ready, you don’t want to pay your workers large quantities of money to prepare them. Besides, your employees would rather do their real job instead of stopping to play with cardboard. That’s why our box folding fixtures are such a massive hit at Easy Fold. We ship to customers all across Boston and the surrounding areas, and so there is no reason why you should ever fold a box manually again.

Understanding Folding Fixtures

Cardboard box manufacturers ship their products to you in a flat package. It’s up to you to follow the grooves and cutouts to fold each box by hand, and this process takes a lot of time. Depending on how many boxes you use in a week, you may end up paying our employees a small fortune just to fold a stack of cardboard.


We can change that for you at Easy Fold. We invented state-of-the-art box folding fixtures that we guarantee will speed up your company’s folding process. When you use a box folding fixture, it only takes a few quick moves to fold an entire shipment of boxes. Plus, your workers won’t experience fatigue or repetitive motion injuries. In most cases, you can expect to cut your folding time in half.

The Right Choice for All Boxes

Can a single fixture work for every box? Well, no, but at Easy Fold, we can design a custom fixture to match the dimensions of every box style you use. We have experience building fixtures for some of the most common box types, such as:


•       Roll end tuck front and tuck top boxes

•       Costco style boxes

•       Roll end trays

•       Subscription boxes

•       Mailer style boxes

•       Five-panel boxes

•       All kinds of display boxes


Even if your company relies on oddly sized boxes, they’re no match for us. Since we custom-build every fixture according to your exact dimensions, we can handle any type of cardboard box you send our way. Go ahead and challenge us, and we shall work hard to create the perfect folding fixture for your company.

Simple Ordering Process

Unlike other companies, we don’t sell pre-cut or mass-manufactured folding fixtures. Every fixture from Easy Fold get made to order. All you have to do is send us the dimensions, and we’ll do the rest. Our fulfillment crew can handle any request you send our way, and our turnaround time is sure to impress you.

Long-Lasting Folding Fixtures in Boston

When you buy a folding fixture from Easy Fold, you’ll never need to replace it. That’s because we offer a lifetime guarantee on all our products because we build them to last! Since we only use the sturdiest ABS plastic, your fixture will never warp or crack.


We can improve your company’s bottom line here at Easy Fold. Switching to our box folding fixtures will reduce your business spending and make your workers happier. Contact us today if you want to stop folding boxes by hand.

Never a Dull Moment in Boston

Boston is not only the capital of Massachusetts, but it also boasts the highest population in the state. Approximately 694,000 people live there, but that doesn’t mean the city is affordable. It has one of the highest costs of living in the country. The median household income is only about $66,000, but it will cost you about $540,000 to purchase a home. Because of this, about two-thirds of the residents choose to rent. Landlords make a pretty penny here, charging about $1,500 for a small apartment or home.


Even though you must stick to a firm budget if you want to live in Boston, people continue to flock to the area. That’s mainly because the city has a rich history and an even better sense of community. As one of the first settled communities, there is a lot to see and do in the area.


Boston got its name from the original settlers who came from a town of the same name in England. Instead of coming up with a new name, they kept the old one, and it has stuck for centuries. The country’s first public park is here. It’s called Boston Common. Even though it opened in 1634, residents still enjoy visiting the park regularly.


The city has a funny nickname—Beantown. Those who settled in Boston enjoyed eating baked beans in molasses, and their love for beans became the trademark of the city. In an ironic turn of events, however, millions of gallons of molasses flooded the town back in 1919, killing 29 people. Even after this event, residents refused to change the nickname.


Baseball lovers flock to Boston each year to experience a game at Fenway Park. The ballpark opened in 1912, and it remains the oldest major league baseball stadium still in use. It’s home to the famous Boston Red Sox. Although a popular tourist venue, it’s interesting to note that Fenway Park is one of the smallest professional ballparks in the country. Its max seating capacity can only accommodate a meager 37,755 spectators.

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