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We are a family owned business manufacturing in the Seattle area and have been operating for over 5 years.  We make custom jigs/fixtures for packaging companies and end users that contact us directly.  It's a great value proposition for manual box folders that don't have the volume to justify case erectors.  


Our fixtures are made of very durable ABS plastic and are guaranteed for life. They are lightweight, portable and easy to use. A common question often asked is, can one fixture be used for multiple boxes? In most cases no, however if multiple boxes share either the same length or width (height does not matter) then in some cases we can build an adjustable fixture that will fold numerous boxes.


We work with many packaging companies, including Supply One, Landsberg, Veritiv, Kapstone, Victory, Ernst, Welch, International Paper and others. End users include Plantronics, Proctor and Gamble, Delta Faucet, Dish Network, Lego, Fuji Film, Harry’s Inc, Hershey’s, Nature’s Bounty, New Balance, Pup Box (seen on Shark Tank) and Wahl Clipper Corp. We have sold and shipped Internationally to Denmark, Germany, Sweden, China, Taiwan, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Mexico.


Our Process

At Easy Fold we provide smooth processes that insure fast turn around times and a high level of customer satisfaction.

First step is to email us a CAD/Line drawing, we are looking for the inside dimensions of the box. If you do not have a drawing, a photo of a flat, unfolded and folded box (along with providing the inside dimensions) can get it done. We can provide a same day quote with either one.  Once you decide to move forward, we like 6 (ea.) flat unfolded sample boxes shipped to us to build the custom fixtures. This allows us to custom build, test and shoot a demo video of your box and fixture. Our lead time averages 2 to 5 business days after receiving samples and a PO.


We will notify you when the samples arrive and when the fixtures are ready to ship. When completed we will email you tracking info, demonstration video and an invoice that will arrive in a separate email.


It’s as simple as that, happy folding!

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