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Streamlining Box Folding Across Chicago

Businesses from all over Chicago rely on cardboard boxes. Whether they use boxes to ship products or store files in the office, they serve an essential purpose. However, folding these boxes takes a lot of time and effort. Many business owners are unaware of just how much money they lose because of the time it takes to fold boxes. Easy Fold Fixtures LLC wants to help streamline this process for you. We create custom box folding fixtures that will reduce the time you spend folding boxes by half.

Our custom box folding fixtures

A flat box is a worthless box. Before you can use any type of box, you need to fold it into the correct shape. Have you ever timed how long it takes your workers to do this? Folding a stack of boxes can eat up hours of paid time—and time is money. That’s where our custom box folding fixtures come into play.


At Easy Fold Fixtures LLC, we designed a product that will make folding boxes much easier. It will surprise you to see how much time you can save by merely using our folding fixtures. We design each fixture to fit the specs and dimensions of your boxes. We only use the best ABS plastic. Best of all, we always guarantee every fixture that leaves our warehouse for life.


The manufacturing process is simple. All we need is a sample or diagram of your boxes to get started. Our team will get to work right away, and we know you’ll be impressed with our fast turnaround time. Once your new fixture arrives, simply watch our tutorial, and your employees will become expert box folders.

We make fixtures for all box styles 

Every business has a different mission, so it only makes sense that every company needs different cardboard box styles. The folding fixtures we design at Easy Fold Fixtures LLC can be used for fold boxes of all types and sizes. We can custom create a fixture for any box! Here are some of the most popular boxes we serve:


  • Five-panel boxes

  • Display boxes

  • Subscription boxes

  • Storage boxes

  • Roll end boxes

  • Mailing boxes

  • Pizza boxes

  • And much more!


Even if you don’t see your box type on this list, get in touch with us. We are confident we’ll be able to design the perfect fixture for your company’s needs. Our fixtures are ergonomic, and your workers will fold faster than ever before!

The Box Folding Experts in Chicago

Keeping costs down is vital to every business owner, and cutting back on the amount of time it takes to do mundane tasks can save you a lot of money.  Easy Fold Fixtures LLC can help you do just that with our box folding fixtures. Not only will you increase productivity, but your workforce will be able to focus their efforts on more important tasks.


Easy Fold Fixtures LLC is a family-owned company, and we understand the importance of providing fast, reliable service. As soon as you place an order, our team will begin to design your new fixtures. Our fixtures have changed the way the corporate world folds boxes, and we know you’ll never want to go back to manually folding again. Get in touch with Easy Fold Fixtures LLC to order your first custom box folding fixture.

The bustling urban life in Chicago

Anyone who likes the nonstop, busy life that big cities provide will feel right at home in Chicago. The latest census reports estimate that over 2.7 million residents live in the Windy City. More people reside here than in any other city in Illinois. The area is very diverse, and you’re likely to see people from all walks of life on any given day.


Chicago offers a variety of employment opportunities for workers of all abilities. It’s a global hub for many finance, commerce, technology, and telecommunication companies. Many of the city’s residents work in computers, construction, and manual labor jobs. There are plenty of supervisor and management positions too.


The average family brings in about $55,000 a year, which is quite a bit lower than other cities in the state. However, it does cost more if you want to live within the city limits. Expect to pay about $255,000 to buy a single-family home or $1,067a month for a rental property. The cost of living is only slightly above the national average.


Even though the crime rate in Chicago is higher per capita than in other parts of the country, many of the locals wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. A fully operational public transportation system means most residents don’t own a car. It’s also easy to walk to your favorite coffee shop in the morning for a cup of joe.


Chicago is a huge tourist destination. There is always something happening on any given day. One of the biggest attractions is The Bean, which is a large art installment in the middle of downtown. As the name implies, this work of art is shaped like a bean, and it’s completely mirrored. Expect to see plenty of tourists taking a selfie in front of it.


The city also has a reputation for amazing craft beers. You’ll find many local breweries throughout the region, and many offer tours for visitors. During one of the educational tours, you’ll not only learn about the distilling process, but you’ll also get to sample some of the best local brews.

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