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The Best Way to Fold Boxes in Phoenix

Folding boxes is a necessary evil, but this task may be wasting your company a lot of money. At Easy Fold Fixtures LLC, we know business owners want to save money whenever possible, so we decided to come up with a solution to this time-consuming task. Our custom folding fixtures will streamline the process and improve time management. You’ll find companies from Phoenix and the surrounding areas already raving about our products.

What is a box folding fixture?

Most businesses fold boxes on demand. Whenever you need a new cardboard box, you just fold it. However, think about how many boxes you fold in a day or a week. Now multiply that by how long it takes to fold a single box. Wouldn’t you rather your employees spend that time on more productive tasks?


That’s why we design custom box folding fixtures here at Easy Fold Fixtures LLC. These fixtures make it possible to fold several boxes in the same amount of time it takes to do one box. Every fixture we create is designed to match the exact metrics of your boxes.


Easy Fold Fixtures LLC guarantees our box folding fixtures for life. Our products are made from the strongest ABS on the market and can withstand almost anything. No matter how much you use our fixtures, you don’t have to worry about cracks or warping. And it only takes a few minutes to train your staff on how to fold boxes more efficiently.

Our fixtures work on every box

How many types of boxes do you use in your office? Easy Fold Fixtures LLC knows that different companies have boxes of all sizes, and that’s why we choose to custom design each order. We’ll make sure your new folding fixtures are the perfect fit for any type of box you use, including:


  • Mailers

  • Display boxes

  • Front and top roll end boxes

  • Five-panel boxes

  • Food boxes, including pizza

  • And any other box you may use!


Our team can handle any order you send our way. Even if your company uses oddly-sized boxes, it’s no problem for us. Simply send us a box sample, and we’ll work around the clock to make you the ideal folding fixture.

Folding boxes all across phoenix

Monitor your employees the next time they start folding boxes. Does the process seem to take longer than it should? In nearly every case, the answer is yes. Not only does this waste time, but folding boxes can also be harmful to your workers. Some workers complain of neck or back pain, while others develop a chronic repetitive motion injury.


A custom folding fixture from Easy Fold Fixtures LLC will change all that. Our fixtures make folding boxes quick and easy. Using our fixtures requires less effort, and they’re the perfect ergonomic solution. Reducing the amount of time your workers spending folding boxes will also boost productivity and morale.


Easy Fold Fixtures LLC can make the perfect folding fixture for your business. It does not matter what industry you operate in; our team can handle your request. We fulfill orders quickly and ship out the products as soon as possible. Get in touch if you’re ready to fold boxes in a smarter way.

Enjoying the Desert Climate in Phoenix

Anyone who is tired of cold, overcast weather should pack their bags and move to Phoenix. Known for its extremely hot summers, this city has desert climate all year long. The average temperature in fall and winter is about 70 degrees, but in the summer, you can expect most days to be well above 100 degrees. It’s the capital of Arizona and the most populous city in the state. Nearly 1.7 million people live in this Valley of the Sun.


Some people choose to relocate to Phoenix because of the lower cost of living. Housing prices are a bit lower than the national average. Most homeowners spend about $231,000, and rentals are also affordable at around $1,000 per month. However, household incomes are even lower than in other parts of the country. Most people make about $56,000 a year, which is on par with other cities in the state.


There are many employment opportunities in the city. Some of the biggest names in technology have a presence in Phoenix, including Motorola and Intel. Although many of the town’s residents work in these sectors, you’ll also find many of your neighbors working in hospitality or food service. The area has a moderate political view.


Anyone planning a trip to Phoenix will find plenty of activities to pass the time. If you arrive during the spring, you’ll be able to enjoy the best weather. It’s also the perfect time of year to view the wildflowers in the Sonoran Desert. Hiking through the desert terrain might put you face-to-face with a roadrunner or jackrabbit, both of which are native to the land.


During the summer, you may want to find indoor activities to enjoy. The Heard Museum is a must-see. First opened in 1929, this museum teaches all about the art and culture of Native Americans from the area. You’ll be able to tour several galleries, including an impressive outdoor sculpture garden.

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