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Box Folding Made Simple in Portland

Productivity is a top concern for business owners. Where do you lose time in your workplace? It may surprise you to learn how much time your employees waste folding boxes. Nearly every industry relies on them in one way or another. If you’re looking for a better way to fold, Easy Fold has the product for you. Our custom folding fixtures will speed up production and improve your bottom line.


As a family-owned business, Easy Fold knows the importance of cost savings. You shouldn’t pay for the extra workforce for something as mundane as folding boxes. With our fixtures, your office will be more productive than ever. We have many satisfied customers across Portland and the surrounding areas, and we hope to add you to our list.

Fold Boxes in a Jiffy with Custom Fixtures

Walk into any business, and you’re sure to see an array of cardboard boxes. Some companies rely on them for shipping out orders, while others may need them for storing. Regardless of how you use boxes, it would help if you had a better way to fold them. After all, folding cardboard can slow down your production line.


We have a better box folding solution here at Easy Fold. Our company creates custom box folding fixtures. They’re like nothing else on the market. When you reach out to us, we will design a unique folding fixture to fit the exact dimensions of your boxes. And you don’t have to worry about quality. We craft them from sturdy ABS plastic. Our folding fixtures are, in fact, so durable that we provide a lifetime guarantee.


To get started, we only need a sample of our boxes for our lab. Our turnaround time is fast, so you won’t have to wait very long to receive your new folding fixture. Show your employees our helpful tutorial, and sit back while they fold boxes faster than ever.

Perfect for All Boxes

The team at Easy Fold understands that every company uses boxes of varying shapes and sizes. That’s why we custom design all our fixtures. No matter the dimensions of your boxes, we can create a perfect box folding fixture for you! Here is just a brief list of some of the boxes our folding fixture work on:


•       Cardboard mailers

•       Top and front tuck roll-end boxes

•       Five-panel boxes

•       Display boxes

•       Subscription boxes

•       Indestructo boxes

•       And even pizza boxes!


Why should you choose Easy Fold? Not only will you see an increase in employee productivity, but you will also boost morale. Folding boxes can even lead to repetitive motion injuries. With our folding fixtures, your workers will cover them in half the time. Imagine how much happier your workforce will become after making the switch!

Faster Folding in Portland

Do you know how much money you pay your employees to fold boxes? Would you like to make your company more productive? Easy Fold knows that folding usually wastes valuable time, and we can help. Our folding fixtures are the best investment you can make, and businesses from a variety of sectors are already singing our praises. Contact us if you’re ready to design a custom box folding fixture for your company.

Hipster Vibes and Progressive Values in Portland

The city of Portland was first founded back in 1845 and incorporated in 1851. Today, it’s the most populated city in Oregon, and people continue to flock to the area at record rates. Thanks to a massive technology boom back in the 1990s, many large corporations moved into the city. One of the largest companies to emerge in the area at that time was Intel. Now, countless companies have opened their headquarters here.


The substantial number of employment opportunities is why Portland continues to thrive. Most of the people moving into the city are young professionals who want to land a dream job with a well-established company. Most residents are between the ages of 24-35, and half of the population has a college degree or higher.


Politics are significant in Portland. Most of the residents are democrats, with many labeling themselves as progressive. Those who live in the area comment on how diverse and welcoming everyone living there is.


The median income for residents is about $61,000, which is only slightly above the national average. Unfortunately, housing prices in Portland are very high. A modest single-family home costs about $427,000. The housing market is highly competitive, and sellers take advantage of this. It’s not surprising to find out that about half of the residents choose to rent instead of buy. Real estate investors flock to the city because of this reason.


Portland has beautiful weather most of the year, and residents take full advantage of this. You’ll find plenty of people biking down the streets or walking to work. There are plenty of shops in the downtown areas, and it’s easy to walk from place to place. While you will still find well-known businesses in town, you’ll also be able to experience small boutiques and plenty of mom and pop shops. Although the area is very much an urban environment with over 660,000 residents, the city manages to feel closely-knit and quaint at the same time.

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