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Streamline Your Box Folding in Spokane

How many boxes does your company fold in an average week? It doesn’t matter the type of business you run; you more than likely rely on cardboard boxes for a lot of things. What you may not realize is how much time your employees devote to folding boxes during the day. Boxes are not easy to put together, and every type of box requires a different series of bends and folds.


Here at Easy Fold Fixtures LLC, we don’t believe that any company should have to stop what they’re doing to fold a stack of boxes. That’s why we created box folding fixtures that streamline the entire process. Our product is already popular with a variety of businesses in Spokane and the surrounding cities. We’re ready to show you why our fixtures are the best choice for your company too.

Custom box folding fixtures

Every company has a different business plan, so it only makes sense that they require different types of boxes. And folding all these boxes takes quite a lot of time. What’s the answer? At Easy Fold Fixtures LLC, we specialize in custom box folding fixtures. We understand that your box needs vary from other companies. That’s why we create every fixture based on the exact dimensions of your boxes.


Ordering a box folding fixture from us is easy. All you need to do is send a CAD/line image of your box so that we can see the dimensions. Our team will then create a fixture that is the perfect size and fit for your specific type of box. Many of our customers order several fixtures to help fold the variety of boxes they use in their offices. Here are some of the box types we make fixtures for:


•       Display boxes

•       Packing and shipping boxes

•       Subscription boxes

•       Mailers

•       Roll end with either front or top tuck

•       Five-panel boxes

•       Pizza boxes


The sky is the limit for Easy Fold Fixtures LLC. Even if you use a different type of box than you see here, our team can create a folding fixture that works for you. We are always ready to accept a new challenge.

High-quality folding fixtures

When you buy a product, you want it to be of the highest quality. That’s why we always go the extra mile to please our customers at Easy Fold Fixtures LLC. The folding fixtures we design and build are made from premium materials. In other words, they are built to last.


Every box folding fixture made by us is fully constructed using only the best ABS plastic on the market. This material is highly durable and very strong. Our fixtures will retain their shape after every use. You don’t have to worry about cracking or warping. Since we stand behind every fixture that leaves our shop, we guarantee our products for life.


Our folding fixtures are also lightweight and easy to use. Making the switch from manual folding to one of our fixtures is very easy. They are the perfect solution for companies that need a better box folding solution but can’t justify the price of heavy-duty case erectors.

Easy box folding across Spokane

Both packaging companies and end-users across Spokane rave about the jigs and fixtures we create at Easy Fold Fixtures LLC. Our fixtures are a cost-effective solution to both low and high-volume box folding. Once you start using one of our fixtures, you’ll see an instant boost in productivity. Give us a call if you’re ready to learn more about our box folding solutions.

Dense suburban living in Spokane

With a population of over 216,000, Spokane is a rapidly growing city in Washington. The area has a suburban feel, and everything you could ever need is within city limits. Residents enjoy a vast selection of coffee shops, restaurants, stores, and parks. A low cost of living makes it possible for the majority of locals to own their homes. The average home costs about $166,000, which is less than the national average. It’s no wonder why so many young professionals and growing families choose to call this popular town their home.


Although buying a home costs much less in Spokane than in other parts of the state, the average household income is also on the lower end of the spectrum. On average, most families make about $42,000 a year. Employment varies greatly among residents. Some of the most popular employers include Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center and Spokane Public Schools. Many of the residents are in the military, and the 92nd Air Refueling Wing remains the top employer in the area. Jobs in retail, food services, and recreation also remain popular with workers in the city.


The arts play an important role in maintaining cultural diversity throughout Spokane. You’ll find many businesses dedicated to the art in the Davenport Arts District and the Garland Business District. Each month, residents are invited to attend the First Friday Artwalk. During this monthly event, you will see a variety of local artists displaying their work throughout the downtown area. Many vendors also sell their goods during this event.


Those who prefer the stage can catch a performance at the Fox Theater or the Bing Crosby Theater. Both venues feature a variety of theatrical and musical productions throughout the year. Classical and jazz music are also popular in town. While in the area, be sure to catch a performance by the Spokane Symphony or the Spokane Jazz Orchestra. When it comes to the fine arts, the city has a lot to offer both visitors and residents.

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