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Box Folding Experts in Tacoma

When you open a business, you never imagine how much time you’ll spend folding boxes. No matter your industry, you more than likely use a number of boxes on a daily basis. Easy Fold Fixtures LLC can help you improve productivity with our custom folding fixtures. It doesn’t matter how many boxes you handle each day; we can streamline the process for you.


Here at Easy Fold Fixtures LLC, we know that time is money. As a business owner, you need to find ways to reduce the amount of time it takes to do mundane tasks. That’s why our folding fixtures have become so popular across Tacoma and the surrounding areas. Let us help you save time folding boxes.

Custom box folding fixtures

Cardboard boxes are a staple supply for many companies. You may use boxes for shipping or storing. No matter the purpose of a box, you must fold it before you can put it to use. What you may not realize, however, is how long it takes your employees to unfold a single box.


That’s why we came up with a better solution here at Easy Fold Fixtures LLC. We custom create box folding fixtures for our customers. Our team will design a fixture to fit the dimensions of your boxes exactly. Every fixture is made out of high-quality ABS plastic. We believe in our fixtures so much that we guarantee them for life!


Simply send us a sample and we’ll create the perfect fixture in our lab. We boast an impressive turnaround time, so your new box folding fixture will be ready for delivery in no time at all. After a simple tutorial, your employees will start folding boxes faster than ever before.

Fixtures for all box types

Here at Easy Fold Fixtures LLC, we can create folding fixtures that will fit any type of box. Since we custom create every fixture, there is no shape or size that is too complicated for us. Many of our customers use multiple fixtures for various boxes. Here’s a small sample of the types of boxes our fixtures fit:


•       Mailers

•       Roll end boxes—top and front tuck

•       Pizza boxes

•       Indestructo boxes

•       Five-panel boxes

•       Display boxes

•       And many more!


Folding boxes by hand not only takes a lot of time, but it can also cause repetitive movement injuries. Using our folding fixtures provides your workers with a safer, more ergonomic way to fold boxes in half the time!

Simplifying box folding across Tacoma

Think about how much time your workforce spends folding boxes every week. Reducing that time will not only boost employee morale, but it will also increase productivity. That means you’ll be able to send out packages faster and respond to your customers in a timelier manner. Our folding fixtures will pay for themselves over time!


As a family-owned company, Easy Fold Fixtures LLC is always willing to go the extra mile for every customer. We are up for a challenge and willing to create fixtures that will boost your company’s productivity. Countless companies across Tacoma and the surrounding areas are already singing our praises. Finding better ways to fold boxes is our passion, and we believe in our product. Give us a call if you’re ready to fold boxes faster than ever before.

What is life like in Tacoma?

Those who enjoy living near the water should consider moving to Tacoma. As the third-largest city in the state, this area is very popular with both tourists and locals alike. This port city has a very colorful history. It originally served as the final stop of the Northern Pacific Railroad, where it connected trains to the ships on Commencement Bay. Because of this, the Port of Tacoma became an essential international port, and it remains the state’s largest port to this day.


As one may assume, international trade is a big part of the economy in Tacoma. Many international corporations, like Roman Meal and True Blue, have headquarters in the city. A number of other employers are also in the city limits. With over 60,000 employees, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, a military installment, is the leading employer.


While the majority of residents own and drive a car, Tacoma has a high walkability rating. Residents can easily walk to local shops, restaurants, and bars. The air is clean, and the water is always sparkling. The temperature is moderate all year long, and the population is very diverse. A lower than average crime rate means residents can feel safe walking around town at any time of the day.


Those looking to buy a home in Tacoma should expect to pay around $239,000, which is significantly lower than in other parts of the state. About half of the residents own a home, and the rest choose to rent. The average income is about $55,000, which is lower than in other cities in Washington. Many young professionals choose to move into the city and commute to other, most expensive areas for work.


Even if you’re just visiting for a few days, you’ll find plenty to keep you busy. Popular destinations include Five Mile Drive, Owens Beach, and Point Defiance Zoo. With a good blend of urban and suburban living, it’s no wonder why the population of Tacoma continues to grow with each passing year.

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